CLINIC CHARMING - Multi-Purpose Calming Cream (Paraben Free)

Our favourite multi-purpose Charming cream is used over the face as well as any part of the body to treat, soothe and calm any dry or cracked skin such as eczema, after laser treatments or chafed skin due to sunburn or exposure to harsh weather conditions or simply as an after-shave cream.

Direction of Use:

A small amount can be applied over dry areas of the skin in the day or in the night to serve as a moisturiser or used as a barrier cream against moisture loss. As a leave-on mask in the night, a thick layer of Charming cream can be applied on the skin before sleepIn the morning upon waking up, wash it off with Aileen Lee Cleanser. This will give a soft and smooth appearance.

Weight: Net Wt 50 ml


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