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Peach Tree Orchid (PTO) has evolved since 20th August 2015 from a hypnosis clinic to a centre of Healing and Education. Dr Lee Su Lan is a Holistic Psychiatrist and the founder of PTO. She uses a variety of healing modalities to attend to the individual. 

Everyone is special in his own way in terms of emotional and physical being. Each will be counselled and assisted in his journey towards searching and releasing the root cause of emotional blocks and physical issues.

Besides catering for adults, PTO is a safe and loving place for helping children and teenagers who encounter stress related problems in school and family. In this modern society where youths are driven to perform academically, some may encounter difficulties which will require professional guidance to self-help techniques and coping strategies. PTO aims at ensuring children and teenagers are empowered to grow up knowing their true self and always confident of their own life purpose.


PTO also organises talks, seminars to promote and educate people from all walks of life lifestyle changes in the field of Natural Nutrition, Energy and Vibrational Healing at the quantum level.


The centre also organise art workshops for children and adults to provide a platform for relaxation and creativity to the family.​




Dr Lee Su Lan is a Holistic Psychiatrist and probably the first psychiatrist to integrate Conventional Psychiatry with alternative therapies such as Vibrational and Nutritional medicine. Holistic Psychiatry teaches that within each and every one of us, there are great and latent self-healing powers.

As stress is the major cause of illnesses, the ability to maintain a balanced peaceful state of Body and Mind is crucial for total well being.


Using a Mind-Body-Spirit approach, progress in self-development is not the result of accident or chance. Self awareness comes from deep knowledge and daily practice. Dr Lee also uses a Family Therapy approach to help many children and teenagers in their stress, relationship and emotional problems.


Through Energy Healing we firmly believe that prevention of illnesses is better than cure.



Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a safe, gentle, and effective way to reduce stress, and get to the root of emotional problems that can effect deep change in a person’s life. Hypnotherapy is a practical way of helping people manage physical and psychological problems. 


Art Adventures Art Jam Workshops are all about relaxation and play through drawing and painting. There are no wrongs, no expectations, no failures. Any one can do this! Art is also a therapeutic form of self healing and self discovery. Come unleash your inner artist and leave with a deeper understanding of this wonderful form of Creative and Self Expression.

We conduct

We conduct raw food fermentation workshops to educate people from all walks of life

the power of raw food diet that will greatly benefit our mind, body and spirit.