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We conduct occasional meditaion sessions for just about anyone who wants to refresh their mind, body and spirit. A place where you can seek solace and healing in a relaxed environment.

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Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation
Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation
Audiences at Sound Healing
Audiences at Sound Healing
Sound Healing for DNA Upgrade
Ancient Human History Discussion
The audiences listening intently.
Loving Kindness Meditation
Dr Lee and an audience all smiles
Loving Kindess Meditation
John Wong's Miracles & Healing Talk

Our events include an array of meditation types like: Inner Child Meditation Loving Kindness Meditation • Sound Meditation Letter Writing Meditation Koshi Wind Chimes MeditationSound Healing for DNA UpgradeAncient Human History and the list goes on.

If your are someone who shares the same passion, be it meditation, yoga, motivational talks about self improvement, and would like to volunteer to conduct a session, write to us through

We constantly seek people who love to share their knowledge about health, healing & wellness and we'd like to extend our support to everyone who wishes to host such activitives.