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Each one of our essential oils is specially selected for its quality and purity.


We carry the NATIVE AUSTRALIAN range which is specially made from Australia's

finest native plants, allowing you to experience their many beneficial uses.

The WORLWIDE range of essentials oils we carry are uniquely from all over the world and are treated from optimum quality raw ingredients and elements.

All our essential oils are 100% derived from natural sources and is 100% PURE. Every essential oil is perfectly designed by Mother Nature with its own unique characteristics and benefits. 


in 2 range

Eucalyptus Blue Gum
Known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic properties. It is a stimulant and removes bad room smells.
A truly lovely and fresh aroma straight from the Australian bush, Niaouli oil is extremely pleasant and crisp, highly recommended for those wanting fresh air in the home or workplace or those wanting to breath a little easier, great to use in a diffuser.
Eucalyptus Australiana
Eucalyptus Australiana is known for its strong antiseptic and anti-viral properities. This oil is used extensively to treat colds and flu an other respiratory conditions. May be applied to the skin (preferably diluted) to treat muscular pain and relieve inflammation. It’s also excellent as air freshener and calms you down.
Lemon Myrtle oil is one of Australia’s latest and most exciting aromas. It is wonderfully uplifting and refreshing. It will freshen a home or room and help improves concentration and soothes hypertension.
Tea Tree
Just a couple drops of Tea Tree oil can help beautify the appearance of skin, refresh tired feet, invigorate the scalp, and so much more. Definitely a staple in your household.
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Lavandula Angustifolia - France • Lavender oil is great for relaxing massages, baths, sleep, anxiety treatment and more. It is scientifically proven that the scent of lavender lowers blood pressure and heart rate, putting you in an calmer state. Lavender oil is great if you have trouble sleeping, or for soothing an unhappy baby. After a long, hard day at work, lavender oil mixes well with your bath water for a serene and tranquil experience. Bring some peace and serenity into your life.
Citrus Limonum - Spain • This oil possesses strong germicidal disinfectant properties, and it is a pleasant addition to formulations intended to purify the air. The astringency of lemon makes it useful for combating oily skin and hair. It can also help with bronchial problems and asthma, and it stimulates concentration. Lemon oil is said to reduce cellulite when used in body massage oils, body wraps and anti-cellulite salt soaks.
Mentha Piperita - USA • Suitable for literally any condition from relieving digestive issues, indigestion and nausea to alleviating sinus infections, soothing muscle cramps and getting rid of bad breath and pests. Peppermint oil is also great for headache and migrants. To use directly onto your skin, mix a few drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or tamanu oil and massage gently onto affected areas.
Boswellia Carterii - Somalia • Frankincense oil is used by either inhaling the oil or absorbing it through the skin, usually mixed with a carrier oil, such as an unscented lotion or jojoba oil. It’s believed that the oil transmits messages to the limbic system of the brain, which is known to influence the nervous system. When inhaled, it’s been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure.
Cedarwood Atlas
Cedris Atlantica - USA • Cedarwood Atlas oil can cure inflammation that leads to skin irritation issues like Eczema. You may add the oil to your skin lotion or soap, rub it on the infected or itchy area directly. Cedarwood Atlas oil can also stimulate the hair follicles and increase circulation to the scalp. This contributes to hair growth and slows hair loss.
Rosmarinus Officinalis - Spain • Rosemary oil is a disinfectant and is often used as a mouthwash, helping remove bad breath. By removing oral bacteria, rosemary oil can prevent cavities, plaque buildup, and other dental issues. The mesmerising aroma of rosemary is worth noting, too, making it an excellent inhalant and mental energy booster. Used with 1:1 dilution, rosemary oil can be applied on ankles and wrists (2-4 drops), applied to chakras or vita flex points, or directly inhaled.
Lemongrass Cochin
Cymbopogon Flexuosus - India • Lemongrass Cochin oil has a fresh citrus, sweet smell and is also known for its invigorating and antiseptic properties. It also revitalises the body and relieves the symptoms of jet lag, clears headaches and helps to combat nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions. It is a great overall tonic for the body. It is also a powerful and effective insect repellent, especially in warding off mosquitoes.
Copaiba Balsam
Coplafera Officinalis - Brazil • Best known for its sweet aroma and often used as a lacquer or varnish, the variety of Copaiba Balsam oil uses for healing has made it a great natural solution for pain relief, infection, and even skin problems. It is also good for respiratory problems, digestive problems, preventing infection and boosting immunity.
Cymbopogon Nardus - Sri Lanka • Due to its antioxidant properties and ability to increase blood flow, Citronella Ceylon oil is used as a natural arthritis treatment, specifically linked with reduced pain associated with orthopaedic problems like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Combine (2-3 drops) with a carrier oil like coconut oil and massage it into swollen joints, tissue and muscles, or soak in a warm bath of oil to reduce swelling and pain.
Clary Sage
Salvia Sclarea - Russia • Apart from potentially treating eye health-related problems, Clary Sage oil is also used to help calm the nervous system, especially during times of stress, depression and insomnia. If you're new to aromatherapy, try out Clary Sage oil to experience its anxiety-fighting effects. It can also can help address menstrual cramps, promote relaxation during childbirth and ease menopause symptoms. Clary Sage oil can be added to soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes.
Clove Bud
Syzglum Aromaticum - Indonesia • This essential oil, which has been approved as a dental anaesthetic mouthwash and gargle, can help relieve toothaches, mouth ulcers, sore gums, as well as help fight mouth and throat infections. It can also aid in halting digestive problems, like nausea and vomiting. It can ward away insects when paired with citrus essential oils.
Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamomum Zeyandum - France • Cinnamon Bark oil is a heart health-booster and can naturally help keep arteries clear and free from dangerous plaque buildup thanks to its circulation-boosting abilities. Compounds in Cinnamon Bark oil act like natural prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction; for example, Viagra works by influencing enzymes in the nitric oxide pathway to increase blood flow. This makes Cinnamon Bark oil a natural remedy for impotence.
Palo Santo
Bursera Graveolens - Peru • Palo Santo oil is known for stimulating the immune system and fighting inflammation. It’s benefits include fighting cancer and infection, relieves inflammation and muscular pains. Known to combat migraines and even stress-related headaches or bad moods, Palo Santo oil helps to lower inflammation and increase blood flow that can help turn off perceived pain.
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